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+ Making your own NewsPaper is a really cool idea. I especially like the system with credits.
– Explanation on how to add articles is vague for the average user.
– A submit to newspaper button should be accompanied by a Cancel or Don’t submit button.


+ Take the same concept but replace it by an app inside facebook where you can listen to music in the rooms that your friends made, or some public rooms.
– The obvious (windows app)
– This music sharing seems illegal?


+ the use of badges is good to make the users come back
– UI has not changed much
– visually not very appealing

Team Geek

+ very consistent and beautiful look
+ great overall result
– very overloaded general timeline
– is there a big demand for old news?

Schi is the limit

+ nice introduction text at the login plus appealing logo
+ the core goal of this app is very well accomplished

Team Suchi

+ fun competitive game that keeps the users coming back for more
+ good use of the dummy when no real opponents are available
– levelling is good but there are no rewards for it (yet)
– slow response time


+ underlying idea is good
– application feels very incomplete, no highscores for example
– basic and ugly interface

Chilli Peppers

+ fun game that doesn’t get old
+ the question categories
– automatic facebookpost on personal wall


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27/05/2011 at 01:15

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