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Second iteration

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Our latest iteration is finally online!


  • Our menu was pretty static (3 buttons: options, articles, add article)
    • This is now replaced with one button that changes depending on which task you’re performing.
      • Scrolling through the article list => Add Article
      • Adding an article => Articles
      • Doodling on an article => Articles
  • We added loading and saving screens when accessing/leaving an article.
  • Added a share on facebook button that saves a copy of the current doodle and allows people to view it without having to sign in. (they are unable to edit the copy that was shared)
  • The post-its aren’t anonymous anymore.
  • Articles get opened by clicking on them once. Instead of waiting for a double click.
What didn’t we change! And why.
  • We still allow people to erase other peoples content. Why?
    • If someone draws over the entire picture in an article it would be ruined forever.
    • If you care so much about your work you can just share it through facebook! It will make a permanent copy that way!
  • We didn’t reduce the number of colors that can be selected.
    • We did put a stroke around the letters that removed the problem of people drawing in the same color as the text.

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10/05/2011 at 10:10

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