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Writings on a Wall

We have finaly come up with a name for our application: Writings on a Wall (WOAW). We had a few other candidate names which were DefaceNews and NewsBrush. It was actualy a hard decision to make, in the end we solved it democratically by letting the developers vote.

We’d also like to present the planning we’ve layed out for this project:

Apr 10:
Implementation and first digital prototype of the software, this will be an Alpha release with the most fundamental functionality (adding an article from one of the supported newssites and writing on it). We’d also like to have all graphics of the UI elements done.

Apr 10 – Apr 24:
Alpha release gets tested. We hope to have at least 100 people to test our application during these 2 weeks. We will make a post with a link on our facebook wall. We have a bit over 300 (unique) friends if you add them up and we think at least 200 of them are active on facebook. We think at least half of those active people will follow our link, especially after other people have given some comments on it already. If getting attention of this many people via facebook proves ineffective after one week, we’ll have to take steps to achieve our goal of 100 people. We’ll try to convince people individualy to test our application via facebook chat and we’ll ask them why they did not click the link on our wall (maybe our wallpost wasn’t convincing enough in some way).

Of course letting people test our application is useless to us if we don’t know what they think of it. Therefore we’ll track every action they make. Important things we will look at are how long they stay, whether or not they come back (login via facebook) and the amount of articles they read/add/write on.

During this phase we’ll continue work on a beta version, seperate from the released alpha version, with more functionality built in (storing writings and viewing other people’s work) and hopefully also addressing a few of the issues we might stumble upon with the alpha tests.

Apr 25:
Beta version gets released. We’ll make a facebook group for our application to attract more people. For an initial influx of users we’ll be adding our friends to the group. By this time we’d also like to have a server ready to be able to save people’s drawings so they can see eachothers work. We’ve already purchased a Ulyssis account for this purpose.

In this stage we aim to:
– have at least 200 people using the application
– have the application be used more than 2 times in one week by at least one user
– have at least one article get completely vandalized (this would indicate people are having fun with our application)

The beta testing should take around 2 weeks during which we will finetune our application further preparing it for the real (final?) release.

May 10:
Official release. All functionality should be in it.

Workload estimates

> Connect app to facebook -> all
before alpha release, 10 hours
> Create Ulyssis account and forward bill to prof. Duval -> Siegfried
before sunday, 1 hour
> Create FaceBook page for our application and add friends -> Stijn + Joris
April 25 (beta release), 2 hours
> Create Graphical aspect of UI -> Stijn
April 10, 4 hours
> Further implementation of the application -> Brian (and others)
April 10, 25 hours
> Upload user test footage (paper version) to youtube -> Siegfried
April 10, 2 hours
> Interpret the results of the testing -> Joris (and others)
Alpha version: April 10 – April 25, 10 hours
Beta version: April 25 – May 10, 10 hours

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  1. Did you release a first version on April 10?

    What is the current status? How close are you yo your target 100 users? What can you already learn from them?


    17/04/2011 at 17:12

    • We did release a first version on April 10, but since there were some implementation problems we used our time to fix those and make sure the application was bugfree before testing.
      The last bugs were solved yesterday and the first release can be found on:

      We have just started contacting our facebook friends, asking them to test the application and fill in a survey which is the same as the questionnaire we proposed in the previous blog post. At this moment the responses are coming in very quickly.


      20/04/2011 at 03:30

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