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Implementation issues v1

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Since the last blog post, yours truly have started implementing the application.
Doing so, we have run in to some small problems.

Duplicate Articles
As we stated in our previous report, we have worked on simplifying the system.
We have therefore chosen not to implement any overly complicated group settings.
Instead we left users the option to make their articles publicly available (everyone can draw on them) or private (only invited friends can draw on them). This results in the simpler “you can draw on anything you can read“-concept.
A new problem arises here: what do to with duplicate entries?
We hope to remedy this by informing a user of the duplicate content when he/she tries to upload an article and then take the user to this article and start drawing.

Readability Fix
In all our previous publication we have assumed that the user was to draw on top of the article.
in retrospect, this would make the article hidden underneath incomprehensible.
The proposed solution here is to make the users draw underneath the text.
We believe that extending this method to the pictures will take away much of the fun of the application.
Let’s be honest, most people will enjoy drawing silly mustaches on people a lot more than reading the articles.
Therefore we will make sure users are in fact able to draw on top of the pictures.

Displaying Pictures
We’ve had some problems with the mark-up of the article’s text when images are involved.
More specifically, we can’t get the text to wrap around the article’s main image.
There are a few possible solutions. These being:
– Displaying the image before the article in the center of the screen.
– Displaying the image at the bottom of the article, centered.
– Making a separate screen area specifically for displaying the image.
After a lot of consideration we decided to go with the latter approach.

During a previous round of implementing the software, we added scrollbars to the application’s main view.
After playing around with them a bit, we noticed they were not responsive enough.
Furthermore they are very hard to control with the touchpad of a laptop.
The big question is: how will this translate to use on for instance: an Ipad?
We are considering cutting the article up in multiple pages and providing a “next page“-button in the main article view. This would also allow the application to cope with multi-paged articles, as are common in scientific journals, in future versions of the software.

For the more tech-minded people: a blog post containing a more hands-on description will be available later.

Written by chileaders

05/04/2011 at 15:34

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