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Transition Diagram and renewed storyboard

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After battling the evil WordPress demons, that prevented us from making the post,
we can finally show our newest status update.
With the prospect of the oncomming report deadline, we have chosen to remake our initial storyboard.
This post will also contain our screen transition diagram. 

Screen Transition Diagram
Here you’ll find an application that shows the transition diagram of our future application.

  • Double click: zoom into a picture. (or zoom out if you’re zoomed in)
  • Drag: move
  • Hold down ctrl: Shows the buttons that you can click on.
  • Ctrl+click on a button: Show the screen the transistion would take you to.

The new storyboard
Storyboard version 2

Storyboard version 2

  1. The user starts the application. He/she sees a list containing all recently added articles as well as articles his/her friends have recently edited upon. This list is ordered by data, and a small icon depicts whether or not the user is allowed to draw on the article. At the bottom  the default menu is visible.
  2. The user has selected an article and is now viewing it. The tools at the bottom-left are now available. At the top of the screen an overview of all persons that have drawn on/are reading the article is visible. The user can use the “add friend” button on the top left of the screen to add friends if so desired.
  3. (slight graphical error: the “add friend” button should be visible here) The user and some other people have drawn on top of the article.
  4. The user has clicked the ” Add Article” button and is now queried for relevant information. He/she can now decide if the article is to be public or private. Private articles can only be seen by friends, public articles can be seen by anyone.
  5. After adding a new article, the user can draw on it. Since he/she is now the owner of this article, the user can control access. This means he/she can decide to ban a user from further drawing on the article.
  6. The user has decided to add a friend to this article and is shown a facebook friend-selection screen.

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23/03/2011 at 02:34

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  1. This is a very interesting (and interactive) way of modelling the screen transition diagram. It pretty much already makes it possible to walk through your program in a digital way.

    ~ Team SuCHI


    23/03/2011 at 19:34

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