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What we learned from the comments

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In this blog post, we will quickly summarize what we have learned from the comments left by the other teams.
First of all we were very happy to see that everyone liked our concept description.
We hope our recent post has only adhered to this.

Other than this, we noted that some groups have their doubts concerning the “ranking” or “leveling” system.
This is why we opted not to include this in the further project description.
We did however look for a way to present the user with the overlays that are most valuable to him/her.
After thoroughly discussing this we reasoned these are probably the overlays created by their friends. Another idea was also adding friends of friends (and so on) while adding a weight to the “distance” from one user to another. Thus creating a graph of users. We decided to not make things too complicated and limit the valuable overlays to direct friends only.
In this way we display the “most valuable” overlays on top of the article by default.
The “most valuable overlays” might be extended to contain the most rated overlays.
We hope this system will allow us to bootstrap the user space.
Furthermore, by making all of your friends overlays visible by default, we circumvent the “group”-problems discussed in the previous blog post.

Another concern that was raised is that we should consider which sources we want to get our news from.
We have compromised on the following: Initially we will use a RSS-feed to feed (pun intended) our application with the most recent news.
Any article that is read and gets overlays attached to it will be stored.
Users will be allowed to add their own content. Someone suggested we allow users to do this by creating an overlay and writing an entirely new article on top of another one. This stays very close to the “toilet door graffiti”-concept, but the flip-side of this is a total loss of structure and browsability.

We also noted that previously described way of showing overlays can become very messy indeed if one has a lot of friends.
Therefore we should provide the user with a full-fledged settings menu (possibly in the same environment as the article browsing).

As professor Duval suggested, we tried to keep the look as close to the original idea as possible.

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05/03/2011 at 15:03

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